Seán Hewitt

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Seán Hewitt’s debut pamphlet is Lantern (Offord Road Books, 2019). He was a member of the Aldeburgh Eight (2015), won a Northern Writers’ Award in 2016, and won the Resurgence Prize in 2017. He lives and works in Dublin.



Wild Garlic

Out in the copse after rain

(too late after dark to be here).

Warm soil, woodlice dripping

from the underside of leaves –

I root down to the tender stalks

and twist them free – soaked petals

dip and touch my arm, kernels

of bud, itch of foliage, of wildness

on my skin. The wood is carrying

the smell, earth-rich, too heavy

to lift above head-height, and my boots

and jeans are bleached with it.

I turn home, and all across the floor

the spiked white flowers

light the way. The world is dark

but the wood is full of stars.