Animations for Redaction/Redirection

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As part of the 2019 Newcastle Poetry Festival, three poets – Miriam Gamble, Andrew McMillan, and Phoebe Power – were commissioned to create erasure poems from material in the Newcastle University Special Collections. As well as being performed at the festival, these poems would also be the basis for an installation of three animated digital displays.

The aim of this installation was to use digital media to foreground the process involved in creating a new poetic text from archival material, and to represent the relationship between the source text and the poet’s final piece. Each animation is produced programmatically, creating a different version each time it is played. Below are sample recordings of the animation for each poem.

Miriam Gamble, ‘Diaries 09’
from the Gertrude Bell Archive

Andrew  McMillan, ‘dear love’
from the Bloodaxe Books Archive

Phoebe Power, ‘The Earth Fainted: Pages from a Future Fire’
from the Edwin Clarke Local Collection

Peter Hebden’s research project ‘Creative Digital Interventions into Poetry’ is funded by the AHRC National Productivity Investment Fund